Case Studies

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Paul's Story

Paul, aged 14, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which leads to weakness in all muscles and affects the ability to walk and get around.

Paul is doing well and can still walk with the support of a heel raise inside one of his boots, but he cannot get from sitting to standing without help from his father or brother.

Independence at Home was able to give financial help towards the cost of an elevator chair. Paul can now stand up and sit down safely on his own.

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Luke has a special trike thanks to Independence at Home

At 18 months old, Luke now aged 8, didn’t crawl or sit up and his parents requested tests. These showed he had Global Development Delay, a chromosomal deficiency and hypermobility joints. Further tests showed adrenoleukodystrophy, causing a lack of adrenalin, resulting in Luke having no sense of fear.

Luke tires quickly and has poor balancing skills and needed a special trike to join in the family cycle rides. His parents approached the Handicapped Children’s Action Group who contacted Independence at Home for financial help to buy the trike.

Luke now cycles with his family, the exercise which was recommended by his physiotherapist and it helps develop his core muscles.

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Neil – no longer a prisoner thanks to Independence at Home

Neil aged 50, loved working as a civil servant for the Ministry of Defence, making friends and going to new places. In 2004, tragedy struck when he fell from his fourth floor flat balcony, sustaining injuries that left him wheelchair bound.

Living in a ground floor flat and using only a manual wheelchair, Neil felt depressed and like a prisoner in his own home. A friend suggested contacting the Charity for Civil Servants and they approached us for financial help to buy Neil a powered wheelchair.

Neil regularly uses his powered wheelchair, visiting his local Spanish café to meet friends, going to the pub and visiting Kensington Gardens.

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Andrew – specialised communication aid fans greater independence

Andrew aged 59, is married with two children and ran his own plumbing and heating business.

Unfortunately in 2004 Andrew was involved in a road traffic accident seriously injuring his spinal cord and leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. As a tetraplegic, he now needs assistance in all daily activities from washing to eating a meal. Andrew’s wife became his main carer, with additional support provided by the local council. Aspire referred Andrew’s case to us requesting financial help towards a specialised communication aid.

Andrew says he can now turn the light and fan on and call his wife when he needs help. He feels the aid gives him greater independence, something he really treasures.

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Christina – feeling fresh down by the sea

Christina now aged 74, fractured her femur in 3 places resulting in a shortening of the leg. With a right knee replacement and two shoulder operations Christina’s range of movement in all limbs was affected. She enjoyed playing darts but sadly Osteoarthritis and chronic pain in her legs and feet meant she had to stop. However, she enjoys bingo, doing crosswords and playing backgammon.

Her occupational therapist contacted us to request financial assistance towards a level access shower, as Christina could not wash safely or independently.

Today, the new access shower means that Christina can wash unaided and she explained how wonderful it is to walk in and wash.